Solar designer who came to the house Inspected the roof. Had CV with him for me to inspect. Was extremely professional, informative and did not push for a sale.
Very credible individual who guided me towards the most appropriate size of system rather than the largest system which is what I was initially thinking about. Was slightly more expensive than others but I had confidence in their capability and their business.
Every staff member I dealt with was highly professional and eager to provide the best service they could. Although they did not have the panels I wanted they provided a higher quality at the same price. The installers were pleasant, courteous and very efficient. Everything ran to schedule as they planned. This company was a delight to work with. The main problem I had was with the Electricity company contractor who came to install the smart meter. After 6 weeks of waiting I was told the job was considered too difficult because of the some of the wiring behind the board being short. I called Greenbuild to ask for help. Although it was not their problem they immediately responded and came to the house on a Friday at 6pm. They assessed the situation and contacted the contractor advising the job was difficult but do-able and supported this with photographs. The meter was installed within 2 working days. I can highly recommend Greenbuild as a solar sale and installation company. I wish more companies provided such quality service.